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Flash Web Design- A Roadblock to Promising Search Engine Rank

To remain above the fold in search engine result pages, mere selection of a competent search engine marketing tactic is not enough. Other than search engine optimization services like organic SEO or Pay per click (PPC) advertising, a scrupulous attention should be paid to the website design to result an effectual web promotion. HTML and flash are two standard designing formats that are heavily considered at the selection time of website promotion plan.

But when it comes to search engine rankings, HTML based web site completely outdid flash web design. There are many loopholes associated with flash web design that can jeopardize success prospects of your website.  So beware at the time of selecting web design format offered by your web site development company. As far as the difference between a HTML and Flash based web design is related, it exists in their appearance and technology employed.
 In case of HTML based designing, more text and less graphic are employed in website design .While on the other side, Flash web designing appears more eye-catching and is loaded with lots of images and graphics. But from the perspective of search engine marketing, flash website poses more hurdles on search engines’ rank path. Contrary to the famous saying that picture speaks more than words, flash design is seriously discarded by major search engines as they can not read flash web site with an ease. Furthermore it is also very difficult for a search engine optimization specialist to optimize your web site with a flash design to rank well.

 The other discrepancy associated with this designing norm is the wastage of precious time. Flash web pages take lots of time to load and thus make browsers fed up as well.  
Additionally, such pages are considered ego driven because they comparatively promote causes of a seller more rather than addressing a customer’s demand.

So if you do not want your hard earned money paid to search engine Optimization Company to be washed out, never prefer a flash design for a web promotion. To have an easy navigation and a better search engine rank always employ HTML design. 


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