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Optimize Websites for Yahoo

Optimizing your website for any major search engine using "white hat" techniques is a task that can be regarded as part art and part science. Today, this practice is commonly referred as Search Engine Optimization in the industry circles. It is a tool which when effectively used can help any website accomplish high listings on the top pages of the most sought after search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN etc.

Not all search engines follow the same criteria to evaluate relevancy rankings of search results. Yahoo is the second biggest of the major search engines and has been able to drive a tremendous amount of traffic towards itself... a fact which makes it major competitor of Google. Yahoo determines ranks of pages using a formula that is very much similar to the algorithms used by Google and MSN. To optimize website for Yahoo!, specific areas are required to be addressed which are as follows:

Effective Keyword Stuffing - Yahoo gives importance to keyword enriched domain names, anchor text of internal links and content. However, you need to be extra specific about the keyword density. As such, there is no thumb rule to specify the best keyword strength to target your type of website. Moreover, optimal keyword densities never remain constant. For that reason, it is very essential for you to reanalyze your keyword densities from time to time followed by comparing them with others in the top 10. This ensures you to achieve densities matching the optimal levels. Most people think that search engine optimization service merely includes keyword stuffing which is an entirely wrong premise.

Appropriate Site Structure - Site structure is the most important feature to take notice of when optimizing your website for Yahoo. This is because the way in which your page content gets recognized by the search engines largely depends on your site structure. Second, a site with a proper structure will be lower in code by means of CSS, or minimal table use.

Backlinks- Having a good network of backlinks from relevant sites is always considered an advantage especially when optimizing site for Yahoo! Indeed, both Google and Yahoo use same formula to evaluate the site on the basis of backlinks. Anchor text also plays a key role and must contain your major keywords associating with your web page or site.

You can easily optimize your web site for Yahoo by tying all the optimization tactics given above into a strategy and be your own search engine optimization specialist. You may also approach a good search engine optimization company to keep up with the latest trends in the SEO industry.

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