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The World of Domain Parking

Domain parking is gaining in popularity as an advertising practice to monetize type-in-traffic which requires domain name registration for under developed domain names. Generally, the domain name resolves to a page including advertising listings and back links that can be modified depending on the results that visitors click on. Domain Parking is used by domain name registrars and internet advertising publishers who are paid on the basis of the number and relevancy of links that has been visited. In simple terms, the practice is much known as pay per click that provides web site owners with an opportunity to have a way to enhance positions on search results.

Domain Parking largely serves as a placeholder of any website which is another factor accounting for the popularity of this practice. Companies using domain hosting services may opt for this method to up the drive traffic of their website on another website owned by them. As far as domains with "one click implementation" are concerned, a click on a keyword will not necessarily result in popping up of a window featuring ads. On the contrary, domains with two click implementations do require clicking on a keyword to generate ads.

Domain parking is not always a monetized service but it can also be a non monetized one where a message saying "Under Construction" is placed on the domain. Also, it will not contain any web pages. However, paid domain parking enjoys more benefits as compared to the free domain parking. The latter not only allows turning domain name into instant cash but also renders an opportunity to learn about the names that are helpful to generate potential traffic. Plus, real time stats give you the details about number of users arriving at your domain. Apart from providing this fascinating information, the service of domain parking also assists to narrow down on the right domain name at the time of buying domain.

Many companies that deal in domain registration are providing their customers with self optimizing and traffic learning domain parking system that aim at searching and auto optimizing the domain page and targeted keywords. However, don’t fall for bad services in the lure for cheap domain parking which can prove futile in the long run.

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