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Here you will find answers to common questions potential clients ask of BESSNET.


At BE Software Solutions, we are geared towards making great products which work for the both the common consumer with enough functionality to impress the power user. Ease of use is a prime determinant in our products as are other feature such as robustness and security. We are well versed with all the technologies that drive the internet and since we are the forefront in adapting to the new trends in the world of high tech we are in the constant pursuit of challenges.

Fees and Payments
  How much will it cost?
All BESSNET services are competitively priced and because every venture is unique, we can give you an estimate after you to tell us about your specific requirements

Can BESSNET work within your budget?
Since most companies have a have a specific budget to meet we have a pragmatic approach to it as well.  We design the products and services to meet you individual budgets.

What types of payments does BESSNET accept?
BESSNET acknowledges payments made online with Pay Pal or by cheques. Cheques may be made payable to "BE Software Solutions" and sent to:

BE Software Solutions
1  Mini Market,
Near Gurudwara, Motibagh,
Nanakpura, New Delhi- 110021
Browsers, Standards, Accessibility, CSS, HTML

Can BESSNET create sites that will look good most of the browsers?
We are well versed in making websites sites which sustain their effectiveness over a variety of browsers, like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, etc.
Our products incorporate cross platform productivity over OS’s like Windows and Linux.

Once you tell us the target market we will make the products in accordance to    their needs and ensure that the site runs well and on even older and text only browsers and even other gadgets

Can BESSNET create standards-compliant sites?
Off course… our expertise allows us to create sites compliant with W3C recommendations on website markup and conform to the recommendation on execution.

Can BESSNET create accessible sites based on W3C's Guidelines, or other accessibility requirements?
Yes again. All our Web sites are created in accordance with the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Like we said, all our websites are accessible
Across platforms and browsers in accordance with the W3C regulations

Does BESSNET use style sheets, or CSS?
Yes, Components like style sheets not only enhance site's visual appeal, but also make it easier to modify and update the site easily. BESSNET is thus well versed in creation of sites using CSS making them striking to the eye and easy to maintain .

Updating Content

Can BESSNET update content when needed after the site design is completed?
Yes. We have lasting relationships with clients whereby we bill them by the hour to continuously update the site and send out at a monthly or bimonthly invoice.

Can BESSNET design our site to manage updating ourselves?
Yes. We can design your website in a way that you can update the content yourself even if you are not technically inclined and don’t know what HTML is.

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