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Ikoncierge System is an absolute new way to retail that integrates an entire new marketing channel into your shopping malls, retail locations, business complexes, markets and buildings.

Ikoncierge service allows you to deliver way finding, consumer information, advertising and promotions to the visitors of your building and malls. In Ikoncierge systems not only you provide useful information to your visitors, but you also generate hefty revenues and information for your business by means of advertising.

Comprehensively talking, Ikoncierge is a type of new Internet service platform that will be a boon for those who look forward to improve help desk feature and customer support functions. In addition, it will open a galore of revenue opportunities for ISPs, DSL providers, hardware and software vendors and now with the help of Ikoncierge system, any organization can create a link through any Internet connection that enables on-demand interactive support services for any device.

Ikoncierge system is full of benefits such as-

  • Way Finding - You can touch the on-screen map to find the store you are looking for. A route will appear on screen that shows you how to get to that store.
  • Coupon Search and Print - You can view all coupons offered by mall tenants. Not only this you can also select and print coupons if you want so.
  • Facilities - You can touch the amenities button as they appear on the map. You can find ATMs, restrooms, phones, etc.
  • Tenant Identification - You can touch a store on the map and view the listing.
  • Calendar of Music and Events - View new events and announcements.
  • Local, National, International, News, Sports, & Weather updates
  • Domestic/International Area Information Integration
  • Advertising- By identifying the right target audience you can do targeted advertising that generates hefty revenue.
Ikoncierge system provides support staff, their users and customers a common platform to resolve difficulties as per user's convenience.

Ikoncierge provides a new way to vendors for their clients and customers to attract and engage new clientele and build healthier relationships. Ikoncierge platform helps customers to serve their customers better by giving good support for their demands.     Click for Demo

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