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questionnaire- ICW

Company Name :
* Name :
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1 Purpose of Creating Your Website *
  To showcase products or services directly
  To gain a favorable impression of my company or organization
  To develop a qualified list of prospects
  To improve overall customer service
  To test for potential new market niches
  To inform present customers of product updates and new uses
  To encourage new customers to contact you by phone or mail
  To make available product information & price lists to clients
  To make available product information & price lists to suppliers & distributors
  To improve inner company communication
  To use internet technology to lower present overhead
2 Target Audience *
3 Target Browser
  Internet Explorer
  Fire Fox
  Netscape Communicator
  Not Sure
4 Web-site Promotion
  URL Submission - Search Engines Banner Programs
  Mutual Pointers (Link Exchanges) Internet Shopping Malls
  Award Programs Trade Magazine
  Developing Special "Web Offers" News Groups & Mailing Lists
  Targeted E-mail/Opt-in E-mail Print & Broadcast Advertising
  Press Releases - Traditional & Electronic
5 Source of Information *
a) Do you have all the information to be put up on the web-site? Yes NO
b) Will you provide the exact copy of the information to be hosted on the Web-Site? Yes NO
c) Is the information available in electronic format? Yes NO
d) If the information is not available in the electronic format, in what form it is available? Handwritten Notes, Printed Notes
    Video Tapes, Audio Tapes
    Catalogs, Brochures, Magazines
    Annual Reports, Manuals, Books
    Newspaper, Trade Journal Articles
    Slide Presentations
e) Do you have existing web-site? Yes NO
    What is its URL?
f) Do you know your Promotion keywords? Yes NO
    What are the keywords?
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